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Tampa Bay's Digital Marketing Strategy Sessions LIVE

Join us as we review the latest trends of digital marketing in 2023. Welcome to “Tampa Bay Digital Strategy LIVE: Generating Leads” with your hosts, Jason Blount, the Digital Media Advisor for Castnet Media, and Deb Sutton, a Digital Strategist for

Jason Blount, Digital Advisor

Jason Blount, a Digital Media Advisor for Castnet Media, has reached millions on social media with strategic messaging. With a track record that includes going viral on Twitter with an article on Facebook’s IPO valuation in 2012, Jason is a true expert in social campaigns and micro-targeted data. He has helped propel political figures to victory in St. Augustine, Florida, and has extensive experience working with small businesses, particularly in the manufacturing industry. Jason co-founded in 2017, which received White House recognition.

Deb Sutton, Digital Strategist

Deb Sutton, a seasoned Digital Strategist for and Castnet Media, brings her invaluable experience managing some of the most prominent digital campaigns for the Tampa Bay Times. Hailing from Key West and rooted in Clearwater, Deb understands the nuances of the Tampa Bay market and excels in the medical and dental niches. Her strategic prowess and insider knowledge make her an invaluable resource for small businesses leveraging digital marketing for success.